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About KRATOS Introduction

KRATOS is a blockchain based platform connecting all participants across the physical commodities ecosystem 24x7 globally. KRATOS acts as a single source of truth where distributed version of all documentation (such as controlled physical copy scan, digital bills, letter of credits & shipping documents) is shared and visible to all involved participants of a trade & trade finance process in real time.

The platform ensures easy due diligence of all, by all, and for all parties involved and brings transparency, visibility and efficiency to the international physical commodities Trade & Trade Finance process.

The concept protects buyers, sellers, traders, banks, insurance and logistics from fraudulent transactions and other unwarranted trade risks, thereby significantly transforming and enhancing international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle.

Sounds Interesting but How does it work?

Super Cool Product Features

Smart Contracts

Contracts & trade documents are written in self-executing smart contracts in blockchain to ensure transparency and efficiency and reduce the chances of document alteration.

Industry grade KYC / AML

Encompasses industry grade Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to verify client details and enhance security.

Digitization of Documents

Digitization of trade documents like sales/ purchase contract and smart invoicing system makes the overall process faster & efficient.

Trade Transparency through Blockchain

Trade events will be captured real time in blockchain ensuring transparency amongst the stakeholders within the trade ecosystem.

Deal Breaker KRATOS Benefits

KRATOS is a user-friendly platform where all participants can freely exchange trade information, negotiate trade contracts, conclude trade deals, trigger agreed payments, track orders, capture order history and generate reports. KRATOS Trade Finance Module help you secure funds for your next trade transaction.

Faster Execution

Self-executing smart contracts, zero downtime and less number of middlemen ensures faster execution of the trade

Efficient Process

Digitization of trade makes transaction process faster and free from human errors, thereby making the process more efficient

Transparent Ecosystem

KRATOS makes the entire ecosystem transparent by bringing all stakeholders in the same platform and allowing them to track historical data without involving too many middlemen

Secured Capital

Increase visibility to Potential Financier and timely availability of funding for commodity trading

Highlights User Experience

  • Automation Trade Process

    No risk of data modification & data tampering

  • Seamless Transaction

    Faster & efficient trade transactions reducing overhead costs

  • Intuitive

    User-friendly platform requires no prior knowledge of blockchain

  • Hassle free simplified trade

    Smart contracts for a hassle-free trade experience

  • 24 hour accessibility

    Cloud-based results in zero downtime leading to higher efficiency

Key Features Modules

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Company Background

Arkratos- an end to end innovative all-in-one Blockchain solutions and development company founded in Singapore in the beginning of 2017. Our first product, KRATOS is a blockchain based platform for the Physical Commodity trading industry. The founders have experience across many industries like Banking & Finance, Education, E-Governance, Healthcare, Insurance, Sustainability & Traceability. Presence of a deep and vast in-house knowledge pool helps to dig deep into underlying core issues and create solutions & products to address these issues.